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Easy Peasy state for React

Easy Peasy state for React

Is mapStateToProps or dispatch confusing you ?, you are spending a lot of time trying to implement state in your application ?. Hustle no more. I know state management is something really hard to learn but with Easy Peasy your life have been made simple. It's as easy as 1 2 3. Should I choose Easy Peasy for my state management. The answer is yes.

  1. No need to connect every component that needs to know about the app state and having to mapStateToProps
  2. No need to create all the confusing files reducers, actions , store configurations.
  3. All tools in one library use thunk at any time of wish
  4. No need to set up the dev tools at all.
  5. Less code to implement state management in your application Try easy peasy

Have a don't get Rule

As programmers we normally run into bugs which tend to eat up out time and we end up getting frustrated about programming. From a youtube video Made by MPJ Fun fun function. HE talks about having a dont get stuck rule as a programmer. Here is a summary of what he was talking about: As a programmer you should have time frame in which you work on a bug till when you can't solve it. At this point please ask for help this time shouldn't be more than 15 -20 minutes. This means you need get someone who already knows the code base you are working in. Getting stuck is really frustrating. When you get stuck and feel like you really can solve the problem more more than 20 minutes is a really bad thing. I recommend to use a timer to avoid the frustration times and timers also help you save time. great software is built by great teams not developers. Watch vide here

Home Page Anatomy

What makes a great home page? After looking at so many landing pages. We came up with this idea called the anatomy of the home/landing page. The fastest and easiest way to make a home page that talks to your visitors whilst your away. Let's lay it out :

  1. Section 1: Value proposition (what value do you bring to your customers you can also add a bit of call to action here as well)
  2. Section 2: Social Proof (Some reviews from past clients and social media presence ).
  3. Section 3: Benefits ( What do users get when they use your service or Mobile App etc)
  4. Section 4: Features or Services offered ( The features or services your offer to the users)
  5. Section 5: Call to action ( What do you want your visitors to do call you, signUp, Buy something, request a quotation etc)
  6. Section 6: Footer for SEO purposes.
If you don't know About SEO, We shall list a few tips to increase your website's traffic.

Become Better Developers

These are some of the tips we picked up from some better developers applied and they are worth sharing.

  1. Borrow your designer's eye. You can only be a good design if you appreciate good designs.
  2. Plan your project. The major reason front developer finds problems is not planning first before beginning their work.
  3. Be proactive. Proactively highlighting any roadblocks or delays is a very powerful way to keep everyone happy.
  4. Be curious. Stay open to new things because new tools, plugins techniques are being released every day. You need to produce up to date designs for your clients.
  5. Invest in your skills. You will need to invest in yourself in order to grow not necessarily money but I am more thinking about investing your time. There is no short-cut to success, Be prepared to put up with late nights exploring other websites, experimenting with new plugins and frameworks, reading web development blogs, listening to podcasts and chewing through thousands of tweets.

Make Better Apps

Top 6 reasons why people uninstall mobile Apps. We tried to dig deep and find out why users uninstall apps regardless the value these apps provide.

  1. Forced social logins
  2. intrusive ads
  3. Bad UX / UI
  4. Freezing of the application
  5. Complex registration
  6. Annoying notifications.